About Us

Stanfield Properties is a premier real estate marketing company and was founded in 1998 in Friendswood by its co-founders and co-owners, Alan and Beth Stanfield. We are a family owned business which has specialized in and grown with the distinguished communities of Harris and Galveston Counties. We have enjoyed powerful community recognition built upon our trademark of professional and personalized service to the many families moving in and out of the Bay Area Houston Communities.

Because we have grown with our communities, our real estate professionals have intimate knowledge of each community’s character, mood, and growth potential. Due to the fact that our associates live in the communities they serve, they can readily meet the unique challenges and problems families encounter in selecting their new homes. Drawing on their extensive knowledge of schools, recreational facilities, shopping requirements and transportation, our associates are able to better satisfy the special family housing needs of their clients.

Stanfield Properties consists of people… and it is because of these dedicated people you can feel confident that all of your real estate needs will be handled in a most trustworthy, professional and efficient manner.

So, there is something special about selecting Stanfield Properties as your Realtor®. In addition, you should know about the many beneficial services you will also receive as part of our “Quality Personalized Service” program.

We have …

  • Reputation: We have one of the best business reputations in Harris and Galveston Counties.
  • Professionalism: Our associates are all highly professional and well trained by career-oriented consultants.
  • Experience: Our personalized service and record of excellence over the years have established a reputation of trust and fairness, which many of our clients have come to depend upon again and again.
  • Locations: Though our agents work all over Houston and the surrounding areas, our main office is located in Friendswood, Texas.
  • Multiple Listing Service: This is to give the seller the widest exposure via computer-terminal technology. In addition to our staff, your property will be exposed to over thousands of participating members. You will find your home marketed on hundreds of websites including: har.com, realtor.com + all national Realtor chain websites (RE/Max, Prudential, Century 21, etc.). We also list our homes with Google.com so that when a potential buyer goes to Google and searches real estate in your town, your home will be one of the first homes listed in their search.
  • Market Analysis: We will determine the realistic value of your home in two ways:
    1. An opinion by our qualified and knowledgeable staff who list, show and sell property in your neighborhood, and
    2. A written compilation and analysis of recent homes sold, homes presently on the market and those exposed to the market but not sold during the listing period.
  • Advertising: We are very competitive in marketing your house to not only our industry, but also the readership in an area who is searching for a new purchase. We can proudly say that Stanfield Properties will present your home like no other Real Estate firm in town.
  • Corporate Relocation: This area brings together the many buyers across the country that are interested in purchasing in the Bay Area.

The Value of a Real Estate Professional

Why hire a professional real estate agent to help sell your property? Do you have the time, experience, sources of information, and contacts to do the job yourself? Would it go as smooth as it could? Would it give you more personal time? Would you obtain a higher price? Here are just a few areas in which a professional real estate agent earns his or her commission:

  • Pricing Considerations

    A professional’s insight in determining a pricing strategy for your property can keep you from missing an opportunity by undervaluing or wasting time by overpricing. Experienced evaluations, competing properties, and market trends are a first ingredient for the best transaction experience.

  • Marketing Expertise

    family in front of their new house

    • Preparation. Your agent is skilled in recommending repairs or cosmetic work that have proven to minimize time on the market and maximize both interest and sales price.
    • Exposure to the public. Your agent will know best how to use flyers, open house days, and especially mailing to and meeting with ex-clients and other qualified buyers. The National Association of Realtors studies show that 82% of real estate sales are the result not of advertising, but of agent contacts through previous clients, referrals, friends and family, and personal contacts, including…
      • Exposure to other industry professionals. Your agent will utilize a Multiple Listing Service or other cooperative marketing networks. Once your property is listed, it is statistically likely the buyer will be the client of another agent associated with yours.
      • Advertising: media and frequency. It takes experience to know what works in advertising. Ads generate phone calls to the real estate office but statistically have minimum effectiveness selling a specific property. Overexposure of a property in any media may give a buyer the impression the property is distressed or the seller desperate.
  • Security

    Working with a real estate agent ensures showings will be supervised. You can instruct unchaperoned buyers to call your agent for an appointment so they can be prescreened, you will be safe, and you can do your final polish before the showing.

  • Negotiating

    • Middleperson. Most buyers prefer to negotiate with someone they perceive as unbiased, not emotional, and professionally trained. They are more likely to express objections to agents with the hope of resolution, when they otherwise might move on to another property rather than talking to you directly.
    • Objectivity. Evaluate proposals privately without compromising your marketing position.
  • Monitoring, Renegotiating, and Closing or Settling

    • Overwhelming volume of steps. The process of appraisals, inspections, and financing involves a lot of possible pitfalls. There are many required legal forms and processes.
    • Experience reading and following escrow instructions. Instructions must be clear and complete. Your agent is the best person to objectively help you communicate these issues and move the transaction to closing (or settlement).
    • Inspectors and other professionals. Your agent can meet specialists and negotiate regarding repairs needed to complete your contract. Industry contacts provide resources for work persons in many areas with knowledge as to their historical skill and reliability.